the wristband - dark brown

length (inches)
  • These bespoke leather bracelets are made to specification with materials purchased in the Toronto region. They are cut, styled, and manufactured in the Toronto studio. Only real leather with a soft texture is chosen. As such the quantities are limited to the leather that meets this criteria.

    The wristband is adjustable using a nickel plated button stud. The logo is subtly branded at the end of the wristband.

    The wristband is 3/8 of an inch in width.

    Note all leather darkens slightly with time and will change shape slightly as it adapts to your body. Hides may also vary slightly in colour and texture even if from the same batch.

    *Since this is a customized product it is not returnable.  


  • This leather wristband is designed to wrap around the wrist twice. As such in order to measure take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist twice. Adjust the string until it is the fit you desire. Make note of this point and then unwrap the string and measure the total length needed. This is the measurement to request when ordering. A hole for the button stud will be placed at this point and additionally one hole on either side spaced approximately 0.5 inches, to allow for some adjustment.