the leather belt - black

        • These bespoke leather belts made to specification with materials purchased in the Toronto region. They are cut, styled, and manufactured in the Toronto studio. Only real leather with a soft texture is chosen. As such the quantities are limited to the leather that meets this criteria. The buckle as been designed and is laser-cut in stainless steel that has been tumbled smooth. The prong of the belt is also laser cut, fitting very closely around the bar on which it swivels. As such the whole design makes for a very compact structure that eliminates the bump that typically occurs on the front of a secured belt. In addition hidden behind the buckle end of the belt is a small safe pocket for money or small valuables. This is easily accessed without removing the belt.

          The belt width is approximately 1.5 inches.

          Note all leather darkens slightly with time and will change shape slightly as it adapts to your body. Hides may also vary slightly in colour and texture even if from the same batch.

          *Since this is a customized product it is not returnable.

        • **For the measurement length from buckle tip to ideal hole (inches):

          To determine this size, place on a belt you own and secure it to the fit you like. Make a note of this hole. Remove the belt and measure from the end of the buckle (where the prong tip meets the end) all the way to the hole used to secure the belt. Two holes on either side of this hole will be made in the belt that is ordered, spaced at approximately 3/4 inch apart. This allows approximately 2 inches of adjustment either way.

          **For the measurement length from ideal hole to end of belt (inches):

          Measure from that ideal hole to the end of where you would want the belt. This measurement is also requested (inches).

          The total length will then be the sum of the two measurements.

          When purchasing, please indicate the following measurements outlined above: (there is a "note" field in the cart. 1. Length from belt buckle prong tip to the ideal hole. 2. Length from ideal hole to the end of the belt. 3. Total length of entire belt.