Each piece is unique. The wood is carefully chosen and is almost entirely local and reclaimed. Inspiration for the furniture is often drawn from the wood.
            All sides of furniture pieces are sanded to the same silky smooth finish. The wood is finished with a food-safe, hardening oil that enriches and preserves the feel of the wood in addition to protecting it from spills.  
            The steel legs and hardware are designed in house and collaboratation with a local metal fabricator brings them to life. The approach to the legs and hardware differs from what is commonly seen. The design utilizes a metal structure/plate that is permanently recessed underneath the table . The legs can then easily bolt onto this plate. Looking beneath the table, the profile is smooth and nearly seamless, with the leg assembly being flush with the underside of the table. Not only can the legs be easily attached and removed without affecting the integrity, but also it can be rotated in different directions according to personal preference or style. The overall design achieves a union of beauty and strength.

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